Quality requirements:

All images are moderated. Moderator can reject new images and delete previously excepted.
On this before sending your images, ensure the following:

  1. Images must be wholly owned by Author (you)
  2. Your images will be used in 2D-3D graphic so you need to be sure that they are appropriate to be used in this branch.
  3. Images should be sharp, properly exposed, without chromatic aberrations, lense distortion, noise, technical artifacts.
  4. No frames, lettering, dates, watermarks, copyright information, people, trademarks and various shots irrelevant.
  5. To upload content with necessary information about the seamless.
  6. Images must be provided with relevant text information like tags and extended description in English.
  7. File technically requires: JPG format , aspect ratio maximum 1:4, size limits from min 4MP to max 30MB (not permitted artificial image increase).

Most frequent reasons for rejection:

  1. Wrong shooting angle. Texture should be photographed at a right angle to the surface (90 degrees).

  2. Geometric distortion. Image has barrel, mustache or pincushion distortion.

  3. Image noise. Image contains extreme noise, effect of noise reduction or too much compression.

  4. Uneven illumination. Uneven illumination of the surface.

  5. Too close or too far. Unsuitable shoot scale. Image shooted too close or too far.

  6. Unwanted objects in the frame. Image contains some extra objects.

  7. Rotated picture. Image requires extra processing that caused by improper shooting.

  8. Blurred image. Image is not sharp in full resolution.

  9. Out of focus. Whole image or part of it is out of focus.

  10. Glare or shadow. Surface contains hard shadow, bright glare of sun or other light sources.

  11. Incorrect exposure. Image is too dark or too bright.

  12. White Balance. Incorrect white balance. Photo made with flash.

  13. Vignetting. Image with vignetting effect.

  14. Poor quality retouching. Inappropriate or excessive image retouch.

  15. Incorrect image theme. Image does not correspond with site subject, terms of use or has no business potential.
  16. Poor or incorrect image description. Text information is poor, illogical or contrary rules of site.
  17. Identical images. This image (or very close variant of it) is already existed on the site.

Be sure to check your image in full resolution (100% zoom) before you send it to moderation.
Keep in mind that well described high quality images have greater demand.

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