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Seamless texture with green grass of inconsistent length and density. Ground area containing long grass and short plants with few wilting leaves. Well-maintained green lawn with full texture and consistent, light green color. Lawn with mixed grass types and white flowers Ground area with random patches of short green grass amongst brown dirt. Well-maintained green turf with full grass and consistent color throughout. Dry, yellow grass with small, rare tufts of green grass. Texture consisting of mixed dry grass with few green plants. Seamless lawn texture with grass of uniform type and full color.
Seamless turf texture with mixed grass types and few, dry blades strewn throughout.
Seamless turf texture containing mixed grass types, including plants with leaves.
Short green grass amongst dirt and dry grass and twigs. Green grass with thick blades of medium length and dry grass underneath. Ground area covered with short plants and dry grass with few dirt spots. Seamless lawn texture containing consistent, long green grass. Turf containing mixed grass types and lengths. Texture consisting of inconsistent grass of varying types and lengths.

Texture consisting of inconsistent grass of varying types and lengths. Mixed ground texture with tufts of green grass and small yellow flowers. Short green grass with spots of dry, grey areas.
Seamless texture of lawn of mostly dry grass with few green blades. Dry yellow grass with rare tufts of green and dry leaves throughout. Short, consistent grass texture in light green color. Texture containing dry brown grass with rare, random tufts of short green grass. Short dry grass texture with dry twigs and leaves strewn about. Lawn containing consistent, short grass of varying types. Partly dry grass texture with small yellow plants.
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