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Seamless texture of long, narrow tiles in red tones with blue tiles placed randomly. Old metal texture in copper tone with rough, rusting surface. Texture of old damaged plaster. Old long tiles in red and brown tones set in even, repeating patterns with slightly dirty surface. Seamless pavement texture of red and grey granite tiles. Pink metal texture covered irregularly by large patches and scratches of dark red rust.
Rough red pebbles texture, all with angular edges, spread out evenly across a surface.
Blue metal texture, covered almost completely by rough spots of reddish orange rust. Seamless tile texture in identical, rectangular shapes of red and grey marble. Texture of old plaster. Old red wood texture, with heavy cracking and chipping, and some areas of grey wood visible underneath. Red metal texture, covered with various red, grey and rusty brown scratches. Discolored and chipping areas are also visible. White metal texture, with large areas of dark red rust underneath the chipping paint. Rough white metal texture, covered by large patches of small brown rust spots and scratches.
White metal texture with large, irregular patches of red rust and many small rusted scratches. Thin red weathered planks with hidden slits in between. Metal texture in bronze tone with dents in surface. Old red wood texture, with heavy cracking and chipping, and some areas of grey wood visible underneath.
Metal texture with irreguar surface of swirling pink rust on its uneven surface. Various damage to the metal is also visible. Even red brick wall with light grey spots on surface. Thin rust scratches texture, scattered sparsely on a tan and yellow painted surface. White ground texture made up of thin sand and covered irregularly by small red stones. Stone tiles of varying sizes in red tone set evenly in repeating patterns. Stone red ground. Red painted metal texture, with large chipping and peeling areas. Dark rusted areas are visible underneath the paint. Rusted metal texture, formed into a rough, uneven surface in various hues of blue, yellow and red. Window texture with white bars and panes visible on the top half, and large dark rusted metal panels covering the bottom half. Red rust marks texture, spread evenly across a metal surface covered with reddish-orange rust. New red brick set in beige cement with faded white spots. Worn, seamless texture of square, dark red tiles with fading color. Rough white metal texture, covered with various rusted scratches, stains and patches. Seamless texture containing square, dark brown tiles with rough surface. Rough blue rust texture, with various dark streaks and spots, covering a metal surface. Grey metal texture covered with a cross-hatching of red rust scratches and several large rusted patches. White metal texture, covered with scratches of various sizes and rust stains in various hues of red. Old wood texture covered by a heavy layer of extensively cracked brown paint. Texture of gravel in consistent, brown tone containing rocks of various shapes and sizes. Thick brown rust scratches texture, criss-crossing irregularly over a surface with chipping purple paint. Worn brick wall texture in light red tone with cracks in surface. Texture of old damaged plaster. Modern red brick in grey cement with light grey stains on surface. Red brick with diamond patterns set evenly in grey cement. Chipping red paint texture, with an area of heavy rust visible underneath, and several white stains. Yellow metal texture, covered with heavy, vertical rusted scratches. Deep marks and chipping areas are also visible. Rough red rust texture, iregularly covering a surface of pink painted metal. White painted metal texture, with small cracks and red rust stains covering large areas of the surface. Rough concrete texture.
Very old metal texture covered in rust and with lots of dents. Red and grey rust texture, formed irregularly over a metal surface. Various white and heavy grey areas are visible. Seamless rust texture, formed in a light, irregular layer over two panels of white painted metal. Texture of gravel in consistent, brown tone containing rocks of various shapes and sizes. Old red wood texture, covered completely by heavy vertical scratches. Some areas of red tile layered over the wood remain. Rusted metal texture, with small chipped remnants of white paint visible among the dark red surface. Rough red brick wall with cement spots and dark grey bricks set randomly throughout. Metal texture covered almost completely by an area of rough orange rust. Metal texture covered with large dark red rust spots and thin, streaking stains. Rough red rust texture, iregularly covering a surface of pink painted metal. Yellow metal texture, covered with many small chips and scratches, and irregular red rust stains. White metal texture covered by rust. Old brown wood texture, with a dark vertical grain and small damaged areas. Metal texture of lined, red metal with fading paint and worn surface. Old metal surface in brown tone with dents and scratches and rust spots. Seamless texture of pale-red, square pavement set in even pattern. Metal texture covered with rough orange and white rust, and with several patches of deterioration.
Grey rough stone set consistently in linear fashion but jutting out irregularly. Very worn brick wall holes and peeling red paint. Seamless texture of beige and red, square blocks set evenly with some damage on surface. Ost texture, covered with a surface of rust in various hues of red and degrees of thickness. The post is set in an are of water, and a strip of green algae is visible at the bottom. Short red planks set in repeating vertical pattern. Rust texture, crumbled into small flakes and in various hues of red, white and brown. Reddish brown rust texture, covering a rough surface of metal with discolored white paint. White metal texture covered by deep red rust and significant dark discoloration. Seamless pavement texture consisting of light orange stones with worn surface set in even pattern. Rust texture, formed in spots and irregular patches on a surface of painted white metal. Worn light red brick wall with cracks and damaged bricks. Roof made of brown stone shingles with cracks and spots of green moss on surface. Red brick wall painted in several layers of various colors. Red rust texture, visible among small flecks of yellow paint and completely covering a a metal surface. Texture of gravel in consistent, brown tone containing rocks of various shapes and sizes. Rusted metal texture, formed into a rough, uneven surface in various hues of blue, yellow and red. Old shabby red tiles on the floor. Roof texture of red shingles with curved shape. Texture of flat granite in mixed, black and red tones with even surface. Metal texture covered with large, red, vertical rust marks, and various stains and streaks throughout. Metal texture covered completely by red rust, and small, coarse indentations. Scratched rust texture in shades of orange and red, almost completely covering a surface of white metal.
White painted metal texture with extensive cracks and deep red rust stains and streaks. White metal texture, with several areas of light brown rust on the chipping paint. White metal texture almost completely covered by a surface of dark red rust in various degrees of thickness. Seamless texture of square tiles of glass stained randomly in different shades of red. Rust texture, formed into an even, rough orange surface. Texture consisting of flat granite in red and black tones with slightly rough, bumpy surface. Tan metal texture, with small brown rust spots faintly visible in the worn surface. Texture containing lined metal siding painted in fresh, red paint with large dents in surface. Blue metal texture with a large area of dull red rust. White scratches and areas of green mold are also visible. Rusted ledge texture, covered with thin, irregular red stains. A strip of algae is visible where the ledge reaches an area of water. Rough orange rust texture, completely covering a metal surface. Small flecks of white paint are visible in some areas. Rectangular tiles in brown tones set evenly with slightly dirty surface and red numbers. Aged brick wall in red and grey tones with holes and white spots. Old tile in red and beige tones set in repeating, vertical patterns with damaged surface.
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