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Concrete slab texture in light grey color with very irregular surface and rusty, uneven armature. Red rust texture, formed into a rough, even surface. Small reflective flecks of white are visible in the rust. Old grey planks with rusting nails and dark grey streaks. White metal texture covered by rust. White pebbles texure, with patches of bright green moss spread among them.

Texture of mostly smooth, beige concrete with rusty, metal armature showing above surface.
Orange rust texture, completely covering a sheet of damaged and deteriorating metal. Worn concrete ground texture in light beige tone with very damaged, crumbling surface. Grey, clean concrete texture with smooth surface and small holes at regular intervals. Stone texture in beige and grey tones with rough, irregular surface. Metal with scratches. Rough, grey concrete texture with gravel of black and beige tones embedded into surface. Texture of ground surface with brown dirt and small, grey rocks throughout.
White metal texture, with chips and discoloration in the paint, and several small patches of rust. Concrete slab in grey tone with rough, slightly damaged surface. Old tile in red and beige tones set in repeating, vertical patterns with damaged surface. Old, sheet metal texture in brown tone with spots and large dents in surface. Small rust spots texture, present on a coarse surface of white paint. Dull concrete texture in various shades of grey with slightly rough, inconsistent surface. Texture of large, concrete slab with very rough, crumbling surface. Flat stone texture in consistent, grey tone with small holes throughout surface. Rough rock texture in beige and grey tones with irregular surface. Chipping red paint texture, with an area of heavy rust visible underneath, and several white stains. Old metal texture with peeling yellow paint and nails in surface. Thin brown rust scratches and spots texture, completely covering a white surface. Smooth stone texture in grey tone with flat surface and thin cracks. Sandy grey mud texture, with various holes, footprints and other impressions in the surface. Rocks, trash and sprouting green plants are visible throughout. Gravel texture consisting of stones of various colors with smooth, round surfaces.
Metal texture covered with rough orange and white rust, and with several patches of deterioration.
Clean concrete texture in dark grey tones with rough surface and chipped areas on bottom. Yellow brick with rough surface laid in thick grey concrete. White painted metal texture, almost completely covered with small brown rust stains. Seamless metal texture in dark grey tone with small bumps and dents. Ground texture with various white streaks and tire treads in its surface.
Concrete wall texture with very rough surface and exposed, metal rebar. Smooth concrete texture in light brown tone with straight lines across surface and holes at regular intervals. Old metal surface in brown tone with dents and scratches and rust spots. Rusted metal texture covered by a surface of peeling yellow paint. Extensive grey staining is visible on the paint. Metal siding texture with very extremely rusted surface and wave-like patterns. Old metal tread texture with repeating pattern and very worn surface. Old metal texture with worn surface and fading, green paint. Very old metal texture with large bumps and craters in surface. Sharp pebbles texture, with rough surfaces and in shades of pink and grey. Old wood texture covered by a heavy layer of extensively cracked brown paint. Red painted metal texture, with large chipping and peeling areas. Dark rusted areas are visible underneath the paint. Weathered grey planks set horizontally and splintered on ends. Scratched rust texture in shades of orange and red, almost completely covering a surface of white metal.
Rough grey wood texture, with a surface full of deep cracks and wood grain. Flat stone texture in beige tone with random, black lines throughout surface. Tan ground texture with a rough, dried surface that has various angular cracks in it from drying. Small white sticks and weeds are visible on the surface. Stone texture consisting of white and brown quartz with some cracks and holes in surface. Concrete texture with very rough, irregular surface and exposed, metal armature. Ground of square, concrete blocks with iron bars and very rough, irregular surface. White ground texture covered by a sparse layer of thin brown weeds, and with a grey surface visible underneath. Brown ground texture, with its uneven surface covered by crumbling soil, indentations, and spots of dark soil.
Rusted pink metal texture, covered with chips and peeling pieces of white paint. Paper texture with burned, stained edges, and a few larges stains on the surface. Texture of old, metal grate in dark brown tone with repeating patterns on slightly worn surface. Shiny metal texture in gold color with large amount of dents in surface. Even, red tile surface painted over partially in white and beige colors. Seamless texture of stone blocks in beige tone set in linear patterns with rough surface. Worn, seamless texture of small, square tiles in light blue tone in slightly crooked formation. Metal texture with small areas of dark brown rust visible behind the coarse, severely chipped surface of white paint. Patterned grey metal texture, with cracking and deteriorating areas of brown and black rust. Pink metal texture covered irregularly by large patches and scratches of dark red rust.
Metal texture with extensive cracking in the white and yellow paint, and areas of dark red rust visible underneath. Small, square tiles in light grey tone set in even, seamless formation. Ground area containing large, beige stones embedded in dirt and small rocks on surface. Siding of long tiles in dark red tone with horizontal seams and slightly dirty surface. Green painted metal texture, with large chipping areas and brown, light rust stains. Yellow and brown rust texture, formed in a swirling pattern on three panels of white painted metal. White painted metal texture, with small cracks and red rust. Aged metal texture in pale-orange color with rusting frame and scratches on surface. Red and grey rust texture, formed irregularly over a metal surface. Various white and heavy grey areas are visible. Brown rust scratches on metal. Red and grey old planks with holes and cracks placed horizontally. White painted metal texture, with small cracks and red rust stains covering large areas of the surface. Concrete texture painted over in light blue color with rough, inconsistent surface.
Brown concrete texture with holes and vertical, dark streaks across surface. Short wall of grey concrete with large cracks and very damaged, worn surface. Seamless pavement texture made of small, square cement tiles with rough surface. Concrete texture painted over in light beige tone with peeling paint throughout surface. White pebbles texture, spread out among and partially covered by brown soil.
Ground texture in orange tone with jagged rocks embedded in surface.
Brown pebbles texture with various light and dark rocks and broken shells spread throughout. Small pebbles texture, in various white, grey and green hues, spread out unevenly over a surface. Very old, irregular concrete with damaged surface and rusty infrastructure comprised of metal mesh. Rusted metal texture, covered completely by small spots and streaks of dark red rust. Pebble texture spread out on a brown soil surface, with various broken shell pieces.
Seamless tile texture in identical, rectangular shapes of red and grey marble. Worn concrete ground texture in brown color with small, jagged rocks embedded in surface. Seamless road texture of clean asphalt with smooth surface. The old surface of the pier covered with green seashells. Stone texture in brown tones with irregular, cracked surface and black, vertical streaks. Seamless texture of square tiles of glass stained randomly in different shades of red. Texture of concrete in light grey tone with rough, rugged surface. Paper texture with a smooth, fibrous brown surface, and no tears or irregularities. Metal texture in grey tone with rough, rusting surface. Stone texture consisting of flat stone in grey and brown tones with large cracks in surface. White painted metal texture, with a green surface visible behind small chipping areas, and light brown staining visible throughout.
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