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BigTexture gives you an opportunity of being useful and earning on this.

We offer an easy system of accrual.

  • Our authors receive fixed amount of 25 cent for each downloaded image.
  • Minimum payout 50$
  • Payments are made via Skrill.
  • Payments are processed between the 1st and 15th of each month.

We care about high quality images on our site, so all new authors must provide 10 best images to prove their proficiency.

  • If your images show your understanding the purpose of our site and can ensure proper quality,
    your account will be activated and you can begin working with the site.
  • In case your images are not passed moderation, your data will be deleted along with sent images.
    If this happens, do not worry, you can always try again.

Details on requirements of images, and the main rejection reasons here.

Check out License for Upload

If you want to join us with clear understanding of site conditions, you can proceed to registration.

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