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White metal texture, covered with many small, rust stained cracks and chips. Blue metal texture, covered with many deep rusted marks and scratches running diagonally across its surface. Metal texture covered almost completely by an area of rough orange rust. Very aged metal texture with brown, rusting surface. Red painted metal texture, with large chipping and peeling areas. Dark rusted areas are visible underneath the paint. Metal texture covered with completely chipped white paint. Irregular brown rust stains cover the surface. Aged brick wall in beige tones with dark spots and rusting metal inserts. Rusted metal texture, formed into a rough, uneven surface in various hues of blue, yellow and red. White metal texture covered by deep red rust and significant dark discoloration. Rusted metal texture, covered by stained and chipping white paint. Large streaks of tan paint run irregularly across the surface. White metal texture covered by many small red spots and patches of rust. Old metal tread texture in turquoise tone with slightly worn, dirty surface and repeating pattern. Very damaged concrete surface with exposed metal mesh and rust armature.
Grey metal texture covered with a cross-hatching of red rust scratches and several large rusted patches. Blue painted metal texture, peeling in long, angular strips, with light brown rust stains and streaks throughout. White metal texture, with large areas of dark red rust underneath the chipping paint. The texture of the railcar. Light green metal texture, with small cracks and brown rust stains visible throughout. Reddish brown rust texture, covering a rough surface of metal with discolored white paint. White metal texture with large, irregular patches of red rust and many small rusted scratches. Old painted metal panel Roof texture containing flat, red shingles with worn surfaces. Green painted metal texture, with a rough, rusted surface beneath the chipping paint. Rough orange rust texture, completely covering a metal surface. Small flecks of white paint are visible in some areas. Rusted ledge texture, covered with thin, irregular red stains. A strip of algae is visible where the ledge reaches an area of water. Very old metal texture with peeling blue paint and small spots of rust.
Old metal barrier with wooden planks and rusting surface. Red rust texture with various light patches and small rust specks throughout. Rust spots texture, spread irregularly and among larger patches on a surface of red painted metal.
Yellow and brown rust texture, formed in a swirling pattern on three panels of white painted metal. Metal siding texture with very worn, peeling red paint. The texture of the railcar. Metal texture with small areas of dark brown rust visible behind the coarse, severely chipped surface of white paint. Blue painted metal texture, with extensive chipping, discoloration and faint brown rust stains. Rusted metal texture, covered by a chipping surface of lime green paint with extensive white staining. Blue metal texture with a large area of dull red rust. White scratches and areas of green mold are also visible. Old metal tread texture with repeating pattern and very worn surface. Ship rudder Old metal base texture with rough surface and rust spots. Blue metal texture, covered almost completely by rough spots of reddish orange rust. Blue painted metal, with large, significantly rusted areas eating away the thick glossy paint. Metal vent texture with very worn surface and rust. Texture containing slightly-worn metal panels in thick, rusting steel framing.
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